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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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esteban. in grand jury testimony made public today, a series of texts from it esteban reveal she was obsessed with lei and repeatedly told her ex-boyfriend if he did not cut off communication with lei, punishment would be swift. we're live in the newsroom with more details. vicki. >> reporter: janelle, the 470-page transcript shows an average stated, angry and threatening esteban, bent on destroying what she perceived as a relationship between the father of her child and nursing student michelle lei. the documents also reveil evidence that esteban plotted to get information about lei before her disappearance in may. key testimony came from scott marsegan. prosecutors told the grand jury esteban was convinced he was having an affair. she began texts telling him to cut him out for our family sake. she also said you have dug your own grave and michelle has dug her own grave by being a home-wrecker. she won't be an issue for much
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longer. he also testified he recorded a conversation with esteban in march, where she said you deserve to die for your lies, as does she. an employee at samuel merit university where lei and a nursing student testified, after a visit from esteban, a security badge turned up missing. she said esteban accessed private files in the office. the missing badge was later found in a car. hayward police say they found traces of lei's dna on one of esteban's shoes. lei's family spent months searching for her after she left class from a break and never returned. her body was found four months later in a hayward canyon in september. esteban and lei went to high school together in san diego county. now the 27-year-old mother of one is pregnant with her second child and remains in custody. these new texts will not help her defense as she faces a murder charge in the death of michelle lei.
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live in the "newsroom," vicki win, bay her news. someone broke into a san francisco zoo and stole a monkey. and while it may appear cute and cuddly, it is known to bite, which could lead to infection. we are joined live from the scene of the crime with the late news of an ever-increasing reward. cheryl? >> reporter: that's right. under the cover of darkness, that's where the thief or thieves broke into the san francisco zoo. one of the zoo keepers showed us exactly where the monkey-nappers broke into the exhibit, late last night, or early this morning. they apparently used wire cutters to cut two holes to get into the cage. banana sam is one of 18 male squirrel monkeys in the exhibit. banana sam is 17 years old, fragile and relies on a
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specialized diet. the monkey is shy and prone to bite, and the staff here is devastated. >> a special acquisition, it was unusual to put so many of these squirrel monkeys together. so my staff worked very hard and long with these guys. it's horrible, likelution a family member. >> i don't know what their motivation would be. but it's not good. that's for sure. >> reporter: the obvious question you might have, where are these surveillance cameras? they're all over the place here, but not in the back of the exhibit where the monkey was stolen. now, something like this has happened before. 11 years ago, two koala bears were stolen by a 17-year-old and 15-year-old for christmas gifts for their girlfriends. those two koala bears were recovered. they're hoping that banana sam will be recovered as well. there is a $5,000 reward for the
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recovery of this stolen monkey. reporting live from san francisco, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> while the theft is obviously serious, there are some finding human in it. banana sam has a twitter account with hundreds of followers. the twitter handle is #ba unanimous asam. some are quite funny, like the rain forest cafe is not what it sounds like. we shouldadd, however, the concept is not new. this spring, a cobra went missing from the bronx zoo. that reptile captured the attention of more than 100,000 twitter followers. today a south bay couple was arrested for allegedly reeling in rare fish and crabs and selling their catch on the black market. this is a picture of 62-year-old tam van tron. california game wardens say he and his wife were seen taking fish, including sturgeon, striped bass and selling
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illegally. they face felony charges and multiple poaching charges. governor brother brown's plan to tax the rich and raise estate sales taxes and increase income taxes for the wealthy has raised more than $1.2 million in two weeks, according to the secretary of state's office. the money was raised from just nine donations, the largest of which $500,000 from a branch of the california association of hospitals and health systems. brown's proposed pallet measure is expected to raise $7 billion for five years. new year means new california laws. the deadly explosion last year inspired state lawmakers to have remote controlled shut off valves through densely populated areas. the new bill also mandates natural gas providers to meet annually with fire departments to review emergency response plans. california school kids will be the first in the country to learn about the important contributions of gay, lesbian
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and transgender people in their social studies classes. that curriculum will begin in the 2013 school year. and illegal immigrants can play apply for state financed scholarships. the california dream act specify that illegal immigrants only qualify for financial aid after all of the other legal residents have applied. hundreds of bay area high school students are back on their way home tonight after one of the tour buses on their ski trip was busted for having drugs on board. and tonight we're learning the company which runs the tour has had problems in the past. jody hernandez is live in lafayette where students are expected to return this evening. jody? >> reporter: that's right. the students are expected to return here to the high school late tonight. in fact, we are told they are en route as we speak. it is a very long trip, a 12-hour trip. as you mentioned, their trip took an unexpected turn earlier
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this week. and tonight we are learning this isn't the first time the trip the company has had some problems. >> they just basically told everyone, you can bring your stuff out or we've got a dog here. and the dog basically told them, we know there's stuff on the bus. so we're going to go through and find it or else you can bring it out. >> reporter: this high school senior describes what happened when police discovered drugs on board buses heading to utah for a four-day ski trip. he says he was stunned at how much was uncovered, and surprised kids weren't arrested. >> look at all of the stuff they found. no arrests? they just took the stuff and said, all right, you're on your way. who knows if there was more. >> reporter: tonight we are learning this isn't the first time the bus was busted. the tour company's owner confirms it happened the last year, too. >> ironically, the same spot, where people stopped. like, buses got caught last year also. and we took the same ramification. the students came to utah
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because i'm the legal guardian and sent them home when we got there. >> reporter: the owner of the company says he stands by his program. he says he does everything in his power to keep his kids drug and alcohol-free. but he says it's the job of parents to make sure their kids are clean. >> i can't control the people back on the bus. i'm not like an airport. i have to rely on parents. and if you know your son or daughter has issues, don't send them on my trip. >> reporter: but students say it's common knowledge the popular trip is nothing more than a chance to party. this girl says that's why she chose not to go. >> this trip has a huge reputation of drinking, of drugs, smoking. pretty much this trip is you get on a bus, you drive however many hours it takes to get to utah, and then you just party for however many days. >> reporter: now, the owner of the company admits that running this program is very challenging. in fact he said a couple years ago he started searching students' luggage, but took a
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lot of heat, was actually threatened with some lawsuits. again, he is asking parents to be parents in this, in the future. and, again, says he stands by his company. those students in the meantime are on their way home. they're expected to arrive here to lafayette late tonight. in lafayette, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jody, thanks so much. still ahead at 6:00, the marker place with the bold vision to become the center of the south bay. up next, a look at the unique business strategy. >> he stepped up when his world war ii ship was being attacked. but a men low park veteran says he saw other men get the credit. i'm traci grant. we'll show you how that's all about to change, coming up. plus, over the edge? another alleged incident of fan violence at a bay area sporting event. >> and good evening. clearing this afternoon did lead to low 60s in the south bay with some sunshine and 63. 56 in san francisco. still damp and plenty of fog.
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we'll find the fog rebuilding for tonight in the south bay. we'll talk more about the drizzle and if there is any chance of rain in your newad year's weekend forast. f as
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one time the local economy may be picking up, san pedro. we take a tour of the hidden james many are hoping will become the new "in" spot in the south bay. >> reporter: ever since he opened in downtown san jose, people have been buzzing about his barber shop. all 149 square feet of it. even with just one chair, dan says he's cutting more hair than ever before. >> it's growing ten-fold, i'd say. >> reporter: dan says the market is a cut above other retail
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space. >> the appeal for downtown was that there's nothing like it here in the area. something new, and the venture here seemed like a good place to launch my first shop. >> reporter: steven lee and his partner just opened little chef counter, offering california cuisine. >> i wanted to be involved in something like the san pedro square market, where it was revised in downtown san jose and keeping all of the residents in san jose. >> reporter: but starting with a small pace, the entrepreneurs say they can afford to launch their business without slicing into their savings. open ceilings, open spaces and eclectic mix of businesses. managers hope this will become just as famous as pike's street market in seattle. >> we are creating a public market and that's never been attempted in the south bay before. and what we want to do is create a sense of community, we want to be a home for innovative business concepts. we would like to be a center for food culture, beverage culture,
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and entertainment. >> reporter: with a touch of history thrown in. the original he willdor raddo building was built in the 1930s and the adobe building in the back patio is a registered historic landmark. jeff works nearby. >> it's going to be fun to come here and have different places to go to eat every day. you have a different choice. >> reporter: from palafels to pizza, these small business owners hope this will be the recipe for success they need to earn a lot of dough. in san jose, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. >> to get it good enough as it is, i don't imagine them figuring more ways to get more one out of us. speaking of business, the people smopoke and verizon listened. the wireless carrier is dropping a payment fee only a day after the company announced it. it's a full reversal of its decision to charge some customers a $2 fee to pay their bills online or over the phone. the backlash from customers was swift and ferocious and ultimately for verizon
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convincing. if you use the words "dragon" or "shadow" as passwor passwords, your chances of getting hacked are pi higher. the top 25 stolen pass wards are posted online by hackers. those two words are on the worst passwords list. also the word superman at 22. further up at nine is trust number one. the worst password to use for any online account is, of course, "password." i think that was trust no one. slash data security experts include people to include numbers, letters and special characters when possible and never use the same user name and password for multiple online accounts. cute, furry and possibly enlanguaged. a close relative of the rabbit is rapidcally ly declining in population. the pika mostly lives in california's mountain ranges.
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experts say mining, grazing and disease have all contributed to its decline. the proposal is up for public comment. so it's been a dry winter. you know that already. but just how dry? so far, according to snow pack measurements, close to a record-breaker. the department of water resources says at 24% of normal, this december is the second driest since 1921. it will be hard, but not impossible, to catch up at ski sorts. they're open and hopeful. >> well, i've been in the business 35 years. i've seen some great years and not so great years. and this falls in the not so great category so far. but all indications so far are that la-nina will kick in and rock and roll in the season. >> in the meantime, thank goodness for man-made snow. there will be a more detailed survey next week, but not much is expected to change between then and now. a small storm expected to hit tonight will bring a few tenths of an inch at most. >> they'll be happy with a light dusting. happy with anything.
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let's check in with our chief meteorologist. >> yeah, the storm continues to exit from that storm that moved into the bay area early this morning, still skirting parts of the sierra, but not enough to open ski resorts that can't get the man-made snow going. we had 200ths in walnut creek. outside right now it's currently dry here in san jose, but the thing we're finding, it's either the lens or looks wet. we're still dealing with areas of drizzle throughout the bay area. but that's not stopping anyone from getting out in christmas in the park. it seems like it's been the busiest this year than it has been in years past. and you know, it's a good thing they're having it this year. again, a lot of people stepping up with donations to make sure that happened. all right. so our storm is moving to the south. we do have some areas of showers in and throughout the sacramento valley. and there's a few spotty snow showers across lake tahoe. that's just about it. if you're heading there tonight, also a wind advisory. so definitely plan a little bit of extra time.
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but for the bay area, it's dry at the mid and higher levels. just some drizzle, once again. and near the coastline and also for the peninsula. today's high as the 63. and san jose, plenty of low 60s back into the east bay and also 67 in gilroy, where we did get in on more sunshine in places like san francisco and san raffle that were pretty much clouded in. cloud cover left right now, helping to moderate our numbers with plenty of 50s. still holding on to a 60 in fairfield and 62 in san jose. it's also feeling sticky out here tonight. overall, winds light as we continue throughout the next 6 to 18 hours, increasing chances of fog. as far as the storm system goes, it's moving well off to the south and east, so we're not looking at anymore consistent rainfall in the forecast. and not too much left here. we did get some snow up across the cascades, but also drying out across portland and medford. now, the overall pattern does still have a lot of moisture out here in the pacific.
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some copious amounts with this storm system. about what's going to happen is this storm track is going to shift yet again. high pressure for the weekend, so it does look to be dry. for tomorrow morning, we're also going to start off colder with plenty of widespread 30s from nevada over towards fairfield. even down here in the triel valley with 39 in livermore. 40 in sunnyvale. by 11:00 a.m. on your saturday, getting those new year's eve plans together, we'll find temperatures in the 50s and for the first morning of 2012, it's going to get even colder with 35 expected in fairfield. we'll have more on your new year's eve forecast for all of you heading out to celebrate coming up you later on. >> thanks,so so much. new at 6:00, some say he's a war hero, but a menlo park veteran's deeds have gone unrecognizeded for nearly seven decades. until now. the secretary of the u.s. navy will travel to the bay area next
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month to honor carl clark. tracy grant explains why some say it could right the wrongs of racism in the military. >> it blew me all the way across the ship to the other side of the ship. so i didn't know that my collarbone had been fractured. >> reporter: carl clark may be 95 years old, but he remembers every detail of the night 1945, when the naval destroyer, the u.s.s. aaron ward" was attacked. they were only allowed to work as mess hall attendants. but he grabbed a fire hose. clark says the other seven men who supposed to be doing the same thing he was died within minutes, leaving him to do the job alone. >> and i stayed there until the last plane hit and i put out each one of the fires. i put out every fire on that ship that day. >> reporter: clark says one fire came close to blowing up the ammunition room. he says 42 men died that day and
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committee morning the ship's captain sought him out. >> the captain kneeled down in front of me, and the captain says "clark, i've been looking for you, because i wanted to thank you for saving my ship." >> reporter: but it was a very different time. of the 300 men, just a handful were black, and clark says they were treated worse than servants. >> we were segated, we were use abused. so when it came time to fill out the battle report detailing what took place that night and documenting the contributions the sailors made, clark's name wasn't mentioned. he wasn't surprised. >> i didn't expect to get negative. and it didn't bother me, either, because i didn't expect -- like what's happening now, i never thought this would happen. >> reporter: a bay area professor heard his story and approached a congresswoman who lobbied the navy to finally have
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clark's heroic deeds recognized. one of the few sailors living decades later confirmed clark's contribution that deadly night. >> it feels good to be getting this honor. i'll feel real good about that. >> reporter: the secretary of the navy is expected to pin a medal on clark at a ceremony at movet field. in menlo park, tracy grants, nbc bay area news. >> well-deserved. up next, ceo seduction. inside the reported harassment that brought down the head of hewlett-packard. and a new meaning to the word fanatic. we look at the science behind aggressive fans.
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today we're learning the lawyer who represented a suspect in a high-profile murder for hire plot has been us suspend i for six months. she took documents out of an east bay jail. among the items, a supposed love letter to bay's girlfriend and a court transcript. bay iv is serving sentences for murdering chauncey bailey. >> the specific accusations that caused former ceo hewlett-packard mark herd to lose his job are now public. >> this is the letter that cost him his job. a court releasing this letter held this evidence in a lawsuit. it's written by lawyer gloria allred on behalf of her client, former actress and hostess, jodi fischer. the letter accuses her to repeatedly propositioning and harassing fischer, as she worked for hp as a hostess for
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out-of-town parties. herd left hp in 2010, shortly after the letter was sent to the company's board of directors. here we see fischer in a reality show. there is nothing particularly new in these accusations, but it is the sort of tawdry and distasteful stuff that hp and herd would like to avoid. in fact, everyone concerned has tried to keep the contents secret. among the strange accusations that herd took actress fischer to an atm in madrid, spain to show her his multimillion dollar bank balance. one of the most damning accusations isn't sexual. it's that herd told fischer that -- about hp's intentions to buy the company evs for $14 billion. now, is everything in this letter true? almost certainly not. even ms. fischer herself has denied some of the accusations that her own lawyer made. the letter was released as part of a lawsuit by an hp
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shareholder, trying to prove evidence of mismanagement and incompetentence at that company. back to you. >> herd left hewlett-packard with a reported 30 to $40 million severance package. herd is now an executive at rival, oracle. still ahead at 6:00, a new year, and new bills. why it's going to cost you more to heat your home next year. i'm live in san jose. we'll hear from a teenager who was allegedly attacked during a sharks game. what happened and what might be pushing sports fans over the edge. the experts weigh in. firefighters stretched to the limit. in a string of arson fires, they have torched a piece of hollywood history. plus, a historic return. how one animal's appearance in lifornia i makingin ranchers wary.
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we hear about it more and
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more. fan on fan violence. on wednesday, a girl at a shark's game says she got a concussion. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is live at the shark tank with more on what might be pushing a fan over the edge. >> reporter: that's a question sports sociologists are trying to answer, garvin. they say it's a really complex issue. they say while this violence is unsettling, they hope it doesn't keep sports fans from going to games. >> every time we cheer, they would boo, yell at us. >> reporter: 16-year-old maggi herger of discovery bay was at the sharks' game wednesday to clear on her beloved vancouver canucks. the vancouver canadian says a woman with a group of men started harassing her. >> they were cussing, making noises, being rude the entire time. >> reporter: and then it got physical. >> it was second period when they scored their second goal. and i just saw two hands come down on my head and i flew forward. >> reporter: she says a smack from the woman gave her a
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concussion. on t on top of this, she has a benign brain tumor. her mother was in tears over what happened, angry at her daughter's asay land. >> i'm wondering if she is sleeping well after that. >> reporter: this is the latest incident. in august, two men were shot and another badly beaten in a game between the niners and raiders at candlestick march. and last month bryan stow was beaten unconscious. >> i know people get really fanatic about their sports and love it. but it's no reason to really, you know, beat someone up over it. >> reporter: fan veil lens is something sports sociologists are studying. a doctor says while many people like to blame it on the alcohol, it's not that simple. >> it's a complex phenomenon. there's a number of factors we know can contribute. fan identity, fan affiliation, crowded spaces. >> reporter: he says while the
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incidents are concerning, more research needs to be done on exactly what pushes a fan to become aggressive. >> there's no pile of evidence based on systemic research that suggests we have descended into some moral decay or chaos. we may have, but there's not really that evidence yet. what we know is that there has been fan violence for as long as there's been sport. >> reporter: many teams have reacted to the violence by stepping up security and also allowing you to text them anonymously to alert security of any rowdy fans. live in san jose, bay area news. one man is still up in a tree, and at least four people were arrested today for trying to join him. police say protesters constructed a platform overnight in the tree outside city hall with a sign that read "free the land." police made the arrest shortly after noon today. it's been more than two weeks since public work crews moved another platforming fear trees
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from outside city hall. the previous tree sitters were there a month before getting the boot. police officers shot and killed an unarmed man on a b.a.r.t. platform. 22-year-old oscar grant killed new year's morning at b.a.r.t. on that platform, and the whole thing was caught on cell phone video. the group plans to mark the date with a memorial march and rally set for january 1st at 14th and broadway in oakland. protesters plan to march to the b.a.r.t. station. the santa clara county's office received a late christmas present this year. today the lab received a $150,000 grant from the state. the money will be used for new state of the art breath alcohol instruments. the crime lab says the gift is welcome, but not enough to purchase the 20 new instruments it needs. the old breath alcohol instrument that will be replaced were in use for over 12 years. pg&e is announcing rate
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hikes that will effect your gas and electric bills. a spokesman says the increased revenue will go toward repairing and replacing infrastructure. and points out the rate hikes are not the result of the san bruno disaster last year. here is a look at the pg&e rate increases. average rates for residential gas customers will jump 1.8%. electric rates will increase 2.4%. some people living in palo alto want at&t to drop its plan to install 20 additional cell antennas. four groups are behind apiece of a december 16th decision to approve at&t's distributed antenna system in the city. they're concerned the antennas will cause noise pollution and also question whether the installations will withstand earthquakes. the city council is scheduled to hear the appeals on the 23rd. the los angeles fire departments and police departments are on tactical alert after 19 arson fires incinerated cars and homes overnight. jim morrison's former home in
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laurel canyon is one of the casualties. someone torched cars that were in car ports, garages and close to homes. fire department officials said authorities for swamped first trying to put out those fires and then trying to collect evidence. no suspect has been arrested, but authorities are looking to see if the fires are linked to a series of fires on a stretch of sunset boulevard. california's lone grey wolf is moving deeper in the state, just one day after being spotted. the progression is making some conservationists excited, but others are worried about what's happening. our nbc station in sacramento has the story. >> reporter: as third-generation rancher danny gallardo feeds his beef cattle, he looks up into the hills above the valley and thinks what it would be like to have a wolf there. >> it's going to change everything. >> reporter: still nearly 300 miles north of gallardo's ranch, the grey wolf labeled or-7 by
6:36 pm
biologists is roaming after crossing the oregon border this week. >> it's been 87 years since the last one was in the state. >> reporter: the group defenders of wildlife, which provided this video, celebrated the return of the california wolf. but ramplers like gallardo say it could decimate the livestock industry. >> people think it's great, and they'll go out and try and listen to them and get back in their volvos and condominiums and leave us to deal with it. >> reporter: over the past two years, wolves have killed 20 cows in oregon, but the federal government pays ranchers for each wolf-related loss. last year, ten states received a total of $1 million for wolf compensation programs. but california was not one of them. sam blake, who rescues wolf-dog hybrids says or-7 is probably living on road kill. he says the only threat is to the wolf itself, which he predicts will end up shot. >> the hysteria about wolves has not depleted at all.
6:37 pm
>> that was david benik reporting. wolves are protected species and killing one would be a crime. the wolf is probably looking for a mate, and when he realizes he's all alone, he'll probably turn back north. tomorrow, ucla and the university of illinois will be playing against each other in the kraft fight hunger bowl. today the football players tackled hunger right here in the bay area. ucla players served thousands of meals in san francisco. and at saint anthony's university of illinois players served to hungry men and women as part of kraft foods huddle to fight hunger campaign. >> tonight we are here to help serve some of the people in san francisco, give them a nice meal for the holidays. and make sure they get fed and mingle with the people, and just show, like -- we love what we do. and then we just love also helping out -- helping out others. >> reporter: the kraft fight hunger bowl will donate a meal
6:38 pm
for every ticket sold to each of its three local hunger relief partners. the game is tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 at at&t park. still ahead at 6:00, rescue lessons to remember. the coast guard shows off its most successful missions of the year. also ahead, behind the scenes of the biggest dress rehearsal of the year. all right. good evening. on our last friday of 2011, we managed some sunshine in san jose a er morning fog and drizzle and a high that topped out at 6. 3. and we're starting to clear out in parts of the north bay with plentyf 40s. we'll talk more about our fog for tomorrow morning and our chances for rain this weekendn .
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the new your just a day away. here's a live look at new york city's times square. today a dress rehearsal for the all-important ball drop. workers trucked in a seven-foot-tall number two. the ball will descend down the pole and 2012 will light up. people are coming in from around the world. austin capone raised enough money to buy plane tickets to new york for her and her dad. >> yeah, i sold them for $1 each. >> that's a lot of cash, but it works. >> there are now barricades in place to help control the crowd. the party is expected to spread over 17 blocks, and have 1 million people stopping by. >> well, years ago, used to carry some of the country's largest aircraft. tomorrow the "uss hornet"tati t on a different role and plays host to one of the largest new year's eve parties. party-goers can purchase tickets
6:42 pm
to ring in the new year aboard the retired aircraft carrier. the event will feature three dance floors and fireworks at midnight. all proceeds for the partying will go toward a local museum's educational programs. >> sounds like fun. >> that does sound like fun. >> there's only one person sitting at this desk who knows what the skies will be like. >> and it's me, right? yes. hopefully. all right. let's take a look outside right now. we do have some patchy fog in the north bay across the golden gate bridge. we will give you your hour by hour forecast coming up in just a few minutes. and coming up in sports, we've got you covered on the gridiron from 49ers to raiders to college football. plus the warriors might be without monte monte ellis. we'll explain. "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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the u.s. coast guard is releasing its top ten rescue videos and asking people to vote for their favorites. as ted greenberg reports, coast guard recruits got a sneak preview of what lies ahead for them. >> reporter: they captured the drama in the raging surf. >> the mast was swinging around so violently. >> reporter: and high above it. >> the only thing i could think
6:45 pm
of was, wow, we're doing that. >> reporter: going in! these are the coast guard's top ten videos of 2011. real-life rescues of people, their pets. even returning creatures to the sea. and for the agency's newest members, it's an intense eyeful. >> actually seeing what -- what awaits us out there, it's like, i want to graduate already and be there. >> reporter: recruits at the coast guard training center in cape may got a preview thursday of all the videos, which are being released daily, one by one, on the internet. >> i was a little taken aback, actually, about how much work actually goes into it. >> reporter: members of the public are being asked to vote for their favorite video on the coast guard's facebook page and its youtube channel. >> just showing them a few videos of what we do day in and day out, kind of educates the american people on exactly the dangers that these men and women are going to face. >> reporter: all ten videos will be online by saturday, and
6:46 pm
you'll have until january 13th to pick your favorite one. the winner will be announced soon after that. >> check out the videos, because they're pretty amazing. >> reporter: in the recruits own vote, this pilot came out on top. >> the coast guard is there to serve the people. >> reporter: intense scenes at sea, and these recruits know, in similar missions next year, they might be the stars. >> that was ted greenberg reporting. amazing. so lucky to have them serving our country. let's check in with jeff. >> yes, and you know, while we did add a few rain drops to the rain bucket today, as we get ready to flip over into 2012, we have been tracking the driest december on record for oakland. it looks like as we head into 2012, this will go down in the history books here. only .11. prior to that, 1975. so oakland going down in the record books and overall here
6:47 pm
for the bay area, extraordinarily dry the last two months. only 16 days with rain since july the 1st this time last year. we had 52 rain days across the bay area. so while we did have showers, only a little left in the sacramento valley and a few snow showers across lake tahoe, but this system is pushing east. the bay area is dry from santa rosa to san jose when it comes to rainfall aloft. but we are still finding areas of drizzle on the coastline. 54 in san francisco and 55 in san mateo. look at the changes, tracking some 40s in santa rosa, getting in on a little bit of clearing, helping the numbers to drop a little bit quicker. but for tomorrow morning, still some patchy fog with areas of drizzle, and, of course, the countdown is on for saturday as we start to flip the calendar, get ready to at least into 2012. and we are looking at a drying weekend coming our way. so goodbye to the storm system we had this morning. that did bring us .10 of an inch across the coastline. and offshore, immediately here, nothing but clearing coming our
6:48 pm
way. and also all this activity up here across washington and oregon is starting to wind down, as well. that's why we're confident we're not going to see any widespread rain tonight. there's a lot of moisture out here in the pacific. we're following this very closely. but by all indications, the next 72 hours, high pressure is going to nudge into just the right spot off-shore, and that will continue this clearing and drying process for saturday and sunday. the only hitch here is for tomorrow morning, where you do have that fog developing. we do see a little bit of drizzle. 60s inland, plenty of sunshine for the afternoon both on saturday and also sunday with a sunny start to 2012. all right. let's get a look at our new year's eve forecast. you can see as we head throughout 9:00 p.m., 44 by midnight as it gets ready to flip over, 40 degrees. and by 3:00 a.m., temperatures in the upper 30s. you better find some way to stay warm. maybe the new year's eve kiss will do the trick. i'll leave that to you. 62 in santa theresa. 64 in morgan hills, 61 in santa cruz. and 60s in the south bay. 62 in dublin.
6:49 pm
63 in livermore. and also 58. after a little bit of patchy fog and drizzle, plenty of sunshine by the afternoon for your saturday. 58 in napa and the north bay, upper 50s to 60. you can go to nbc bay and get more on those overnight lows. my computer did jump a little bit too fast, but all in all, tomorrow morning we wake up with plenty of low 40s. on your seven-day forecast, it is dry monday and tuesday with our next chance of showers as we head into thursday and friday of next week does not look like a big storm. but, of course, we will take anything we can get as we head into 2012. >> okay. exactly. thanks so much, jeff. >> sure. >> let's get a check of sports. >> and now the x infinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> we're in the comcast sports net newsroom. jamie, everyone is talking about the niners, excited for this game and the playoffs. . absolutely. niners and raiders. and excited we're talking about both of them in the last week of
6:50 pm
the season. we start with the niners and the first round bye and the playoffs on the line sunday. the 49ers need all hands on deck. but a recent plague of injuries could keep some key players out of action. walker has been ruled out with a broken jaw. six others are listed as questionable, including patrick willis. also on that list receivers kyle williams and ted ginn, which means joe hastings might get a promotion from the practice squad. add some silver and black. even though darren mcfadden hasn't played since october, the raiders' run game hasn't missed a beat thanks to bush who needs 80 yards sunday to notch his first 1,000-yard season. pretty impressive since he didn't start until week nine. >> these guys fight and try hard. and i know sometimes it doesn't look that way, doesn't feel that way. but i know they're trying. that is something you can ask. but i do expect to be in the playoffs. i do expect to win this division. i do expect to have these kind of opportunities here. what we have to do is clean up
6:51 pm
all of the other stuff that has happened to this football team. the penalties, the things that don't allow you to be all you can be. >> we know it's up again. it's a big game. but we're not looking at it as something to put pressure on ourselves. that's -- then you'll be up tight and not play loose and relaxed. we're just going to play the game the way we need to play. play hard, play fast. and, you know, try to be the physical team and go out there and win. >> on the hoops front, warriors, ellis could miss tomorrow's game against philadelphia as he attends funeral services for his grandmother. they're still holding out hope he could make it back to oracle arena by game time. over to college football. stanford may have andrew luck, but the cowboys also boast a strong signal color in weeden who has a record for passing yards and four other categories. as the two qbs square off, the
6:52 pm
fiesta bowl is shaping up to be one of most anticipated games this season. >> we have great quarterbacks, great futures. so having the opportunity to get the quarterback in practice definitely helps and prepares us for the game. >> when we realize where we're going, playing for a big game. so i think guys realize what's at stake. but i think also the leadership. guys, you know -- we rely on each other. you know, short a guy or two, we don't function as well as we northe normally do. >> and a couple of bowl games today. the armed forces bowl, byu and tulsa, tulsa up by four. reilly nelson off the play-action finds cody hoffman, 30 yards for the score. byu up three. early in the fourth, third and twelve for tulsa. gj kinney drops back. burnham with a beautiful back shoulder throw. reclaim the lead. byu down four.
6:53 pm
nelson, the intentional spike, finds hoffman for the score. and byu wins 24-21. new pin stripe bowl, rutgers taking on iowa state. rutgers up 10-6. javon jamison punches it in from 12 yards out, and rutgers was up by 11 at the half. cyclones hanging tough, though. fourth quarter now, six minutes to play. rutgers go for the long ball. chase dodd finds pullman. he wins the jump ball, takes it 86 yards. his only catch of the day, but a good one. rutgers up 14. and then on the ensuing cyclones' possession, fourth and ten inside the rutgers' red zone. looks for darius reynolds but can't come down with it. rutgers wins 27-13. and just a reminder, the fiesta bowl just a few days away. scott reese will be providing reports from the desert starting new year's day. janelle and garvin, back to you. >> jamie, thank you very much.
6:54 pm
for a full half hour of bay sports coverage, watch on comcast sports net bay area tonight at 10:30. >> back in a moment.
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6:56 pm
we are, of course, just a day away from the biggest party night of the year, and several public transit agencies are giving you a free ticket to ride, to make sure you get home safely. municipally cal train and vta will all be free for travelers on december 31st until early morning january 1st. if you are going to check out the fireworks in san francisco, muni will be running extra owl overnight routes. but if you have to take b.a.r.t., your ride will not be free. tickets are still regular prices, but there will be extra service from new year's eve until 3:00 in the morning new year's day. okay. how is this for a new year's
6:57 pm
resolution. one university thinks the start of a new year is a good time to ditch some annoying words. michigan state university just put out its list of words it thinks should be banished. this year's list include occupy, mancave and ginormous, as well as celebrity favorite baby bump. none of these, however, could beat "amazing?" that's number one on this year's list, because they say it's overused. >> oh. >> okay. you were saying we're going to have tomorrow's forecast today. >> definitely. and it looks amazing. ve been using that for years. not just last year. 38 in santa rosa. 40 in concord, 42 in san jose. 46 in san francisco with patchy fog and areas of drizzle in the morning. and for your a-amazing new year's eve forecast, cold as we flip over to 2012, a little bit of cloud cover may obscure fireworks, and next chance of
6:58 pm
showers next thursday and friday. >> tomorrow is the last day you can use a-mazing. see you at 11:00.
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